M0ASJ Uses The Following Radios

Kenwood TS570D

I purchased this rig shortly after its release in the UK. It has been with me for five years now and on the whole been very reliable. However, it did not like to work with my original antenna, a half size G5RV. After frequent trips back to the store where I bought it, in order to have the Auto ATU repaired I replaced the antenna with a resonant dipole and ever since I have not had a problem. It did have one other annoying thing with it and that was the cooling fan would not come on until it was very hot by which time the ATU was trying to retune the antenna. This was solved by having the thermistor replaced with one that operated at a lower temperature. It covers Top Band to Ten Metres and performs very well on both receive and transmit. I use mine with a Watson WM-308 desk mike and get very good audio reports too.

Yaesu FT290 Mark 1

I bought this rig second hand six years ago and it was my first radio. I had seen it about ten years previously and vowed to get one if I ever became licensed. In the days of dual band radios and DC to daylight mobile rigs like the FT100 and the IC706 it looks a bit dated with no CTCSS and only ten memories. It can run up to 2.5 watts on two metres FM/SSB & CW. It survives today at M0ASJ as a packet rig for the local cluster and also as a radio for local chats.

Yaesu FT100

I bought this radio two years ago as a standby H.F. rig and a multimode radio that I could use in the car. It covers Top Band to 70cms and has a removable front panel for remote mounting in a vehicle. With such a small radio all the buttons have multiple functions so it helps to know which menu you are on! I like it for the fact that it is compact and offers me the possibility of H.F. mobile without a lot of big equipment. To date I have run it mobile on two metres 70cms and had an outing on 6M Mobile. The question is why is nobody on six metres anymore?